Uniform Policy

The Durham Nativity School uniform helps promote a safe, positive, and professional environment for all students and teachers. It is important for the DNS men to be clean, well groomed, and neat in appearance each day.

The Durham Nativity School uniform consists of the following:

  • Khaki-colored long pants
  • French blue dress shirt (long and/or short sleeve)
  • DNS striped necktie
  • Black dress socks (not white or athletic socks)
  • Black, polished dress shoes, either slip-ons or tie-up (boots are not acceptable, but ankle cut dress shoes are appropriate)
  • Black belt (belts should be worn each day, NO SAGGING OF PANTS IS ALLOWED)
  • Athletic shoes and socks, sweatpants, or shorts and a t-shirt should be brought to school for PE and team sports.
  • Jewelry is not to be worn, except for a modest, inexpensive watch.
  • Students should have neat hair, be clean-shaven; no beards or mustaches.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside of the school.
  • Top shirt buttons are to be fastened with the necktie formally worn at all times.
  • All shirts must be clean, pressed, and tucked into pants at all times
  • Belts must be fastened and hold pants up at the waist.

Uniform Information Online

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