Building the Dream

We are Building the Dream! We envision classrooms equipped for the needs of our young men, stability in our community, and investment in a place where DNS men and their families will always have a home.

Response to our Building the Dream Campaign was overwhelming.  With you gifts, we are able to:

  • Renovate and equip our building, which we now own, thanks to a generous donation from Grace Baptist Church. We are renovating classrooms to accommodate our new 5th grade program, to improve our science lab and add more fine arts programming, and to upgrade equipment and technology in the school.
  • Establish a facility maintenance reserve. We know responsible ownership of our building means planning for future upkeep, especially since the church and classroom buildings were built in 1950 and 1958, respectively.
  • Invest in future DNS programming and students’ dreams. Endowment and reserve funding is needed to add the 5th grade program, address emergency student/family needs, provide financial assistance to graduates, and ensure we have a sustainable program and operating budget.

Since Dr. Joseph and Ann Carole Moylan founded the school in 2002, DNS has promised to remain a permanent fixture in the young men’s lives. Now the school has a permanent home from which to fulfill this promise. Will you help us build the dream?

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