Report Cards

Grading Policy & Trimester Reports

Student grades should reflect a holistic view.  Since they are confidential, other students and volunteers will not be involved with deciding or seeing graded work.  All students should be given a fair chance to succeed in all aspects of school life including their academic assignments. Teachers are encouraged to use a wide variety of alternative means of assessment in order to address different learning styles.  The grading system at the Durham Nativity School is based on achievement letter grades and numerical effort grades, according to the following scale:

A+ (100-97)
A (96-93) Excellent performance
4 = Excellent Effort

B+ (92-89)
B (88-85) Good performance
3 = Good Effort

C+ (84-81)
C (80-77) Satisfactory performance
2 = Unsatisfactory Effort

D+ (76-73)
D (72-69) Unsatisfactory performance/Significant weakness
1 = Poor or No Effort

F (68 or lower) Failing or inadequate performance

Students will receive communication and information concerning their academic progress in the form of a “Mid-Trimester report” and a “Trimester Report Card”.  There are three (3) marking periods per year equaling the three (3) trimesters that the students are in school.  Each parent will receive the “Mid-Trimester Report” in person at the school from their son’s teacher on specified “Parent Conference Days” as noted in your master school calendar.  This gives the parent and teacher an opportunity to discuss the progress of the student, develop an action plan for improvement, and communicate any praise or concern.  All parents are required to participate in “Parent Conference Days” and, by law, employers must grant parents time to visit their child’s school for this specific purpose.  Each “Trimester Report Card” will be sent home to parents at the end of each trimester on the dates listed on the master school calendar.