WUNC 91.5 and the DNS Radio Club

April 3, 2012

DNS radio club

DNS student Ifedayo in a photo taken by David Brower

DNS has been fortunate over the years to have wonderful partnerships with many area media organizations, but none more important to us than our relationship with WUNC 91.5. They have [strictly speaking: “it has”] been exemplary in its support of many initiatives and events we have sponsored Station personnel have even offered hands-on, direct communication to our students.

Frank Stasio (The State of Things) visited our school to talk to the students about the radio business. From these visits and other partnering opportunities, David Brower, Program Director, had the idea to offer our students a chance to learn even more about the radio business through a DNS Radio Club. Several times a month, seven students visit the studio and work with David and learn the “ins and outs” of the business including: creating a program concept, writing the copy, perfecting actual in-studio recording, editing, and adding music.

“It’s been a real thrill to have the DNS students visit WUNC each week,” Brower says “It’s one of the highlights of my week.”

Our students have recorded and broadcast two shows, a Thanksgiving family related message and a humorous show about learning to tie a necktie. Their next show will be entitled “Epic Fails”. We are sworn to secrecy about the content, so when it becomes available on-air, we will provide a link to our website.

It’s not hard for us here to place a value on having partners like WUNC 91.5. They are invaluable to our school and students! Listen in and find out for yourself!